Christmas Showroom and More

The Plantworks designs, installs and specifies exterior artificial plantscapes with UV rated products. The company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada in a 10,000 sq. ft. showroom and manufacturing facility. The use of artificial plants and trees in commercial applications has become the norm. The Plantworks specialize in commercial grade, lifelike artificial foliage, artificial flowers, silk plants and trees – along with a specialized UV Rated Polyblend® exterior foliage. The M Resort and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas are two examples of resorts that used the UV rated plant foliages. Additionally, the Company also specializes in authentic looking interior trees that use natural wood trunks and artificial components. From large silk palms to decorative artificial flowers, The Plantworks is here to bring the outside indoors, for commercial and/or private use.

Christmas Showroom

When your company is ready to celebrate the holidays, artificial Christmas trees will look beautiful as they grace the lobby of your building. This wonderful tree is also fire safe and non toxic. It does not need water to continue to provide seasonal beauty and you do not have to worry about hot lights. It is safe with modern lights to make it glow in every color and sparkle with modern vintage style lights for an old world décor.

Our Christmas showroom is busy creating new and increasing beauty for the holiday season. Each year our company supplies décor and scenes for the holiday season for businesses and stores throughout the country. You can choose from several different designs or order a custom design for your company theme and employees. Plans can be designed for every size space, no matter how small or large the space is.

Begin with your theme and work from there. You can have a very tradition design with a new twist with modern colors for your tree or placement for the best and most unusual effect. Choose artificial Christmas trees in tradition green or choose from a selection of white, blue, yellow and vintage silver. Each one is decorated to provide the ultimate beauty of the season and catch the eye of every customer.

Use a tradition tree as the center focus or choose from a variety of designs with toys, Santa, homes, family or friends together as the focal point. Each one depicts a different emotion for the viewer which will improve how your company is viewed by customers. Warmth, home and family are always good marketing. If you want to keep it more generic in design you can choose a design with silk plants and twinkle lights for a festive look.

Our company will supply every piece of the design and install it. Once the season is over and an agreed upon time is chosen, the decoration will come down and taken away. The company that supplies it all will take care of all the work for one price. Commercial Christmas design will bring in the last of the years money and purchase by being the most creative and providing a welcome feeling.

For the company that deals in banking, finance and money as great traditional design of warm family feelings offer a feeling of caring for the customers they help. New cars, new homes and small loans are all a part of the season requirements for many people. Each one is to help a family with a last minute loan to help them provide on the best during the Christmas season.

Any company that caters to children does well with the toys of Christmas design. All the decoration are small toys from years past and a touch of the modern fun every child desires. Add to this life size toy soldiers and dolls and dreams seem to come true for children and their parents. Use colors of red and white along with fake snow and candy canes in every corner will promote sales through the children that visit with parents in tow.

When you specialize in computer systems and everything for the gadget person we can create a Christmas showroom with lights that blink to the sound of their favorite video game and sounds from movies made famous by superheroes. Ornaments are flying space ships from famous movies as characters from every game or show you can think of. By using stunning affects and bright lights your holiday space will promote the sale of the latest gadget on the market at full price.

Be sure to order your design and date set up at least four month in advance. It can take that long for the design to be completed and each ornament chosen. But if you delay too long you will miss your chance, because other companies made the reservations and choices before you. Check out artificial Christmas trees from the Christmas showroom and choose your design for quality, style and beauty ahead of the competition.

To find the best selection of Christmas Showroom, check out Plantworks in Las Vegas, NV.